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As a certified Etiquette Consultant, and past owner of Over The Teacup Teahouse, Janet has spoken at the following venues/locations:


Let's Do Tea Conference - Grapevine, TX

Penn State Extension Program

Girl Scout Fundraiser - Philadelphia, PA

Girl Scout Leaders Regional Council Conferences


Historical Society

Country Club



Public and Private Schools

Retirement Centers

Private home parties

Organizational Meetings

Red Hat Groups

Woman Show - York, PA

Cancer Society Fundraiser



Etiquette Classes*

  • Tea and Etiquette
  • Children’s Etiquette
  • High School / College level programs 
  • Private one-on-one classes ( get an edge on your next job interview)

*Janet has been trained and certified. She regularly serves as an Etiquette Consultant and is available for speaking engagements and seminars.


Themed Talks


Over the Teacup is an innovator, dedicated to introducing the art of afternoon tea to all generations. However, our programs are not necessarily limited to tea and etiquette alone.  Perhaps it will reflect that particular subject but with a twist to make it apply to your own  theme.  From children to adults, programs can be tailored to enhance the theme of your party.


For example - church groups - programs are available that teach a Biblical principle. Other topics not necessarily tea related, but could be connected, such as party planning/decorating tips, hints, and ideas.


To learn more about what we offer, and how we can help take your next party/program to the next level call 717-737-5099 or email me at





For more information or to schedule an event call (717) 737-5099