Mission Statement: To nurture families and friendships by offering a haven where time is measured by a leisurely cup of tea, that is served in a tranquil serene atmosphere for making lasting memories over the music of laughter and the clatter of teacups.

Over the Teacup is a charming pink Victorian cottage nestled under a shade tree off of Old Gettysburg Rd. in Camp Hill, PA. Lace curtains hang from the windows where a white picket fence beckons to all who enter into the first of two rooms. From the moment you step into the tearoom, your journey into a relaxing, peaceful afternoon begins.

Join the ranks of our satisfied customers who marvel over the friendly, personalized service they receive upon their arrival.

Comments overheard from our customers frequently are: “Thank you for such a good time,” (usually accompanied by a hug), “I feel like I am a little girl enjoying tea in a garden,” or “I wish I could stay here, I really don’t want to leave.” All are testimonials to the kind of atmosphere that is prevalent at Over the Teacup.